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Comprehensive Support for Your Tax Needs

SSG provides professional tax services to support your tax preparation and strategic tax planning needs. We provide ongoing support throughout the year, not just during tax season. Our team is highly experienced in helping Northeast Ohio individuals, businesses, estates and trusts address tax-related inquiries and concerns with confidence and clarity. We aim to ensure that your tax needs are taken care of now, and we look ahead to help you make informed decisions about financial planning, investment strategies, and long-term goals.

Business & Personal Tax

Maximize tax savings, ensure your compliance, and create long-term tax strategies.

Payroll Tax

Reduce the risk of costly errors with experts well-versed in complex payroll tax regulations.


Ensure the accuracy of your filings and receive guidance to minimize your CAT liability.

Tax Agency Correspondence

Get assistance with correspondence so you can confidently handle your tax matters.

Unclaimed Funds

Claim your money with the help of our team’s expertise in recovering unclaimed funds.

Who We Serve


We help small- and medium-sized businesses manage their tax obligations, optimize financial strategies, and ensure compliance with tax laws.


Our tax services help individuals navigate the complexities of the tax system with personalized strategies to minimize liabilities and maximize savings.

Estates & Trusts

For estates and trusts, our tax services play a crucial role by helping to manage tax implications, reporting requirements, and financial aspects associated with these entities.
“10 years ago, I realized I needed much more than just someone to do my tax returns. Fortunately, I found Dan and his team at Slagle Strategic. They have been integral to meeting our business and financial goals. Often it is difficult to find a company that exceeds your expectations but Slagle Strategic has done just that.”
Toni P.

Avoid Risks and Optimize Tax Strategies

Handling your taxes without the help of a tax professional can lead to several potential disadvantages – beyond being stressful and time-consuming. Tax laws and regulations are complex and constantly changing. Without proper expertise, there is a higher risk of making errors on tax returns, which could lead to fines, penalties, or even legal issues. SSG helps clients avoid these risks and optimize financial strategies for tax efficiency. We are trained to navigate the complexities of tax compliance and reporting, identify potential deductions and credits, and avoid unnecessary tax burdens that can come with intricate legal and tax considerations.

Take Control of Your Future

Let’s build a stronger foundation together. Get in touch with our team today for answers to your questions and to discuss our services.

Tax Resources

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What is the C.A.T.?

What is the C.A.T.?

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