How to create a QuickBooks backup file

If you’re not already doing this, it’s a good idea to create a backup on a regular basis, and store it somewhere away from the main company file, either on a flash drive or a cloud storage (please note, you cannot keep your main active file on cloud storage, the file will eventually become corrupt and unrecoverable due to the way cloud drives save and sync files. But it’s perfectly safe for backup files to be stored in the cloud, just make sure to save them to the computer before using them). How often you create a backup file will depend on how much data you enter and how often you make entries. Some companies might be fine with monthly or biweekly, while other may need weekly or even daily backups.


You must be in single-user mode to perform a backup feature. To switch to single-user mode, be sure that no one else is logged into QuickBooks. Choose File > Switch to Single-user Mode, and follow the prompts to switch and log in again. When you have finished backing up your company file, you can choose File > Switch to Multi-user Mode to return to multi-user mode.

To Back Up Your Company File

1. Choose File : Back Up Company :Create Local Backup
Choose File>Back Up Company>Create Local Backup

1. Create Local Backup

2. Select "Local Backup"
2. Select Local Backup

2. Local Backup

3. Click the "Options" Button

The “Backup Options” window will open.

Click the Options button

3. Backup Options

4. Click "Browse" and select the location where you want to save your backup copy
4. Browse to save location

4. Browse

If you have a file hosting service (such as DropBox), flash drive or other removable media, find the item from the list. You may need to open additional folders. When you have chosen, click OK. (Make sure to note where you’re saving the file, that will make it easier when you need to locate it to upload it.)

5. Select the additional options as needed. When complete click "OK"

Select the additional options as needed. When complete click OK.
• Add the date and time of the backup to the file name (recommended)
• Limit the number of backup copies to this folder to #
• Remind me to backup when I close my computer file every # times
• Verify data:
• Complete verification (recommended)
• Quicker verification
• No verification

Select additional options as needed

5. Additional Backup Options

6. Click "Next". Select "Save it now", and click "Finish".

The backup will begin to process.

Click next, then save it now, then finish

Create Backup


  • Send in your backups as soon as possible.
  • Create backup file in QuickBooks and save to an easily findable location.
  • Upload file via the SSG Client Portal, email the file (if it’s under 9 MB in size), or drop off a flashdrive containing the file.
  • Email or call in your QuickBooks file password to the office.