During the chaos of today’s environment we are open and here to help accommodate your tax, accounting and consulting needs

We feel a deep responsibility to our clients, staff and associated families to do our best to maintain an illness free facility. I want all involved know our current action plan as of today to keep our staff, clients and businesses safe and illness free.

• We are constantly monitoring our staff and clients that we come in contact with to ensure the well-being of everyone involved with our firm and their families
• We will require all staff that may show signs of any illness to not report to work and to stay home during their recovery.
• We continue to have our office sanitized every Sunday to ensure a clean and safe environment.
• We are asking all clients that may have come into contact with anyone ill from Covid-19 or any other contagious illness to not come into our office but work with us virtually.

Several years ago we moved to a virtual platform and can accomplish our responsibilities from anywhere in the world and have the ability to operate our firm without the traditional “brick and mortar” facility. We have placed into service the Client Portals last fall which allows a client to securely upload / download documents & backups as well as access their 2018 & 2019 tax returns. In addition to that, we are also posting interesting information as it relates to tax, business and our firm.

With the Client Portal, all clients that are uncomfortable with a face to face meeting can upload their documents, meet with us virtually at their scheduled meeting time and complete their tax returns timely and accurately. If you are interested in our clients portals or are unfamiliar with them please contact Jenna or Vera at our office with an email and they can set you up with your own secure SSG client portal.

On our side of SSG, every one of our staff has children and families. We are sensitive to the recent school closings and burden this unique situation has caused and it continues to cause many challenges to our firm that we have never had to deal with before. With that being said, SSG is working diligently to complete all work timely, accurately and with the same level of care you have come to expect. I only ask that you be patient with our duties during this time and we will accomplish exactly what is needed when it is needed. Our dedication to our craft is strong and we will make sure we are here to help you in all ways possible.

Be safe and have a great week.