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We invite you to get acquainted with Andrew Dible.

In 2015 Andrew graduated from Walsh University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy. To stay on track to become a CPA, Andrew went back to Cleveland State and is in pursuit of his Master’s Degree in Accounting, Audit, and Finance. Andrew holds the position of Staff Accountant. His honesty, integrity, and professionalism are qualities many people appreciate. Andrew has a passion to serve other people and to increase his professional credentials.

He consults with business and individual clients in the area of tax. He has a wide range of accounting experience which enables him to provide relevant and timely advice and assistance to business owners and ultimately the development and implementation of succession plans. His experience in tax valuation helps him guide individual and business owners to an understanding of how the decisions they make today impact the value of their business and future.

Andrew has a 12-year history as a tax accountant, he keeps abreast of the ever-changing laws and focuses his attention on our firm’s developing role in the tax field and its expanding clientele who require tax help. He is excellent in the area of tax preparation and enjoys and understands computer technology. His clients love him. Not only does he save them money, but he’s also a pleasure to work with. An accountant with a sense of humor! He’s accessible and responsive, presents strategies in simple and easy-to-understand formats, and ensures all tactics are implemented in a timely and efficient manner., with Andrew at the helm, generating services that result in added tax savings and growth options for our clientele; as well as opportunities to become educated, manage their finances, and resolve tax problems with the ease and efficiency SSG Services has always provided. After years of working in professional tax specialist positions with H&R Block, Andrew seized the opportunity to take his accounting and tax planning concept dedicated to helping individuals and small business owners to SSG.

In his leisure, Andrew enjoys golfing, hiking, travel and fitness. He is an avid fan and supporter of the Ohio State Buckeyes and loves all college sports. Andrew resides in Kent with his wonderful children, and their Turtle, Ashlynn.